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Allie + Jon Tsillan Cellars

Allie + Jon Tsillan Cellars

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Kayla Final 4k

Kayla Final 4k

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Jared+Sam Barkman

Jared+Sam Barkman

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Why we do Weddings

Hi, my name is Jared and I love film. Ever since I can remember, I was always looking to grab a camera and make a movie with my friends. I am 22 years old, and recently married the love of my life, Michaella. Yes, we got married young, but that's what happens when you go to a Christian university. We love nature, hanging out with friends, collecting mugs and watching movies. 

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The reason I love shooting wedding videos is because of the authenticity. Wedding videos are one of my ways of expressing my creativity and hanging out with amazing couples on the best day of their lives. 




  • 4-5 Minute Recap Video

  • 8 Hours of Coverage

  • 1 Videographer

  • Video Includes Vows/note reading





  • Separate film of full vows and speeches

  • 59 Second social media edit

  • Add time to the recap video

  • Drone Footage

  • Add time to coverage

  • Add more videographers

  • Faster edit delivery


Why Choose Us?


This is the most important day of your life. Don't spend it with a lame videographer. (We're the cool ones btw). 

We genuinely care about your wedding day. The goal is to capture you enjoying your wedding day, not to fake poses or cause unnecessary stress.

We get that cameras are awkward. This is why our biggest priority is on having you feel comfortable with us around.


We actually respond to your emails.

Our goal is to be as simple as possible, to cause you less stress. There are a lot of moving pieces when planning a wedding, and we don't want to cause any more stress for you. 

Most couple's like more dialogue to ensure that we're on the same page. Others like a hands off approach. Either way, we got you covered.


We value the art and story telling of film. 

Your wedding video is not to just post once and never watch again. This is why we aim to create classic film that cannot be dated by trendy transitions or edits. 

Your wedding video isn't even for the next year, but for your lifetime and beyond. To be able to show your grandchildren your wedding video is the real gift of film.

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